Researchers @Risk Welcome to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

by Professor Alexandros Triantafyllidis

Dear Scholar/Colleague

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, committed to academic excellence, international collaboration and defense of academic freedom, is proud to welcome you (and your family).

Aristotle University, as the first Greek University to become a contributing member of the global SAR Network and presiding for the next two years (June 2021-May 2023) of the Greece SAR Section, fully shares the central view of the network and the Inspireurope Initiative that excellence in research depends upon open scientific debate, multiplicity of ideas and perspectives. We strongly believe that “When researchers are at risk, and excluded from participating in the global research circuit, whether due to discrimination, persecution, suffering or violence, not only are individual lives and careers at risk; the quality, the very future of research is also at stake”.

In the webpages of this site you will find important information on the Aristotle University and the city of Thessaloniki, but also all the information you may need from the first steps to your arrival and settling down, visa, accommodation, health and family issues.

As you discover Thessaloniki and Aristotle University, please feel free to contact us and ask for any additional advice and guidance.

AUTh is here to help and support you

InspireEurope project

SAR Europe at Maynooth coordinates InSPIREurope, an ambitious 10-partner Europe-wide initiative to support researchers at risk.

First steps

Embassies and Consulates / Visa and entry requirements / Asylum procedures etc.

Settle down

Accommodation / Transportation / Family etc.

Welcome to Thessaloniki!!

Thessaloniki is easy to fall in love with – it has beauty, history and culture, a remarkable cuisine and wonderful, vast sea views. This is Greece’s second city, which, like the rest of the country, has suffered the hit of the economic crisis, but the streets remain full of life and vibrancy. Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece, after Athens. Nested in the heart of the Thermaic Gulf, Thessaloniki serves as a commercial, business, and transportation hub for the northern side of Greece.


The main sights of Thessaloniki date from the Roman and Byzantine times, and include the Roman Arch of Galerius, the Monument of Rotonda, the Church of Saint Demetrius and the Medieval Castle. The symbol – and most important monument in Thessaloniki – is the White Tower, found at the famous Beach Promenade of the city.


Thessaloniki is a city with a long history, great people and interesting stories. Thessaloniki’s museums cover a vast area of topics and the visitors can visit them and discover artefacts that reveal stories of emperors, farmers, artists and everyday life through centuries.

Local cuisine

Thessaloniki is a paradise for those that love good and tasty food. The eastern-flavored Thessaloniki offers its visitors the opportunity to discover the Greek cuisine with all its original dishes and culinary influences.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki accepted its first students in 1926 at the Faculty of Philosophy and has since grown to be one of the largest universities in Greece . It comprises of 10 Faculties which consist of 40 Schools and one single-School Faculty, serving a vast array of scientific fields, ranging from natural and technological to social and health sciences, arts and humanities.

Students restaurant

Food services, that include three meals per day every day of the week are offered free of charge.

Sports services

AUTh Gym provides students and personnel a wide range of sports programmes and activities.

Health services

All academic members and students of the Aristotle University, have equal rights regarding health care. .

Internet and email

AUTh IT Center provides all members of the academic community with numerous IT services.