Finding accommodation in Thessaloniki is not very difficult. The options in the city of Thessaloniki vary depending on the space, the price and the area.

There are some areas of the city with more expensive rental market, mostly in the east side of the city. The city center, however, is more affordable and almost every destination from there is accessible via public transport or withing walking distance.

During the end of summer (August) and at the beginning of the academic year (September) new students come in the city to study, so properties are often on the market for a few days. Also, because of the Thessaloniki International Fair, which is an annual international exhibition event held in the city in the first week of September, hotels and other short-term accommodation are booked in advance.

For these reasons we recommend you start looking for suitable accommodation as early as possible before your arrival and stay in Thessaloniki. However, for long-term choices, you can make some research before your stay, but it is better to visit the locations and check by yourself the quality of the premises.

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