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City Bus

In Thessaloniki, the provision of transport services is undertaken by the OASTH (Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki), which connects the city with many settlements of the wider region.

The city’s transportation consists of a system of busses going all over Thessaloniki. You can travel to any location in the city of Thessaloniki and the surroundings with one of the 75 bus routes available to you. You can learn everything from arrivals to bus stops, monthly tickets and special prices on the website

Line X1 of OASTH connects the railway station with Macedonia InterCity Bus Terminal (KTEL) and Macedonia International Airport.

You can also use bus No 50 to get to know our city and its history and see the sights with the Cultural Route bus. For more information, please visit the website


All long-distance buses, on the mainland and the islands, are operated by regional collectives known as KTEL. It is the Greek transport company that provides inter-city transport to passengers via buses.

Every prefecture on the mainland has a KTEL, which operates local services within the prefecture and to the main towns of other prefectures. KTEL buses are safe, modern, and, on the major routes, air-conditioned.

For online tickets and more information about the routes and the process, please visit the website


The Port of Thessaloniki is located at a distance of 16 Km from the International Airport “Makedonia” and at a distance of just 1 km from the Railway Station of Thessaloniki.

It is the largest port in the Greek region of Macedonia and the second largest container port in Greece. It also serves the Balkan countries and the Eastern Mediterranean.

During the summer months’ passengers can travel to Crete, to Sporades, to the Cyclades and to the Dodecanese islands by ships, catamarans and ferries.


Greece’s railway network covers the greater part of the mainland.

The Suburban Railway of Thessaloniki connects the city with other regional settlements and cities outside the prefecture. It is located in the area of Xirokrini, on Monastiriou Street

For all railway services, ticket offers and all relevant information, please visit the website


Thessaloniki’s Airport Makedonia ( is an international airport located 13 km southeast of the city.

It is the main airport of Northeastern Greece and apart of the city of Thessaloniki it also serves the popular tourist destination of Chalkidiki and the surrounding cities of Central Macedonia.

You can reach it by bus number X1, by car or by taxi.

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