The city of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece, after Athens. Nested in the heart of the Thermaic Gulf, Thessaloniki serves as a commercial, business, and transportation hub for the northern side of Greece.

A city with a long history and rich culture, Thessaloniki is a very interesting place to visit. Wandering in Thessaloniki, you’ll come across many monuments mostly dating back to the Roman and Byzantine eras. The most important landmark and trademark of Thessaloniki is the White Tower. Located at the port of Thessaloniki, the White Tower is the most photographed tourist site in the city. Another popular site is Kamara. Kamara is an arch constructed by the Roman general Galerius in the 3rd century AD. Other interesting places to visit in the city center of Thessaloniki are the Roman Agora, the palace of Galerius, as well as the World Heritage-listed Byzantine churches.

The most popular spot in the city is the beach promenade. There, both visitors and locals enjoy long walks and the sea view, especially at  sunset. Apart from the beach promenade, Aristotle Square, which is located right in the city center, is another famous spot. Around this square is the commercial center of Thessaloniki, where you’ll find all kinds of shops, restaurants, coffee places and, of course, the renowned pastry shops of Thessaloniki. In the city center, you will also find a great selection of hotels.

The location of Thessaloniki in the northern part of Greece makes it a perfect base for excursions in northern and central Greece. Thessaloniki has an airport, so you can reach it either by plane, or by train, bus, and car.

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