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Thessaloniki is a paradise for those that love good and tasty food. The eastern-flavored Thessaloniki offers its visitors the opportunity to discover the Greek cuisine with all its original dishes and culinary influences.

You can have the first taste of Thessaloniki through its street food, by tasting the koulouri (a sort of bagles, perfect to enjoy your coffee with), gyros (roasted meat served in a pita), and mpougatsa (pastries filled with cheese, cream or meat).

Street markets are also a big part of the Greek culture. Modiano market is located in the proximity of Tsimiski Street and is a great place to start your day, especially if you love fresh fishes and vegetables. Chaotic and colorful, the Kapani Market is a joy for all senses. It has been operating since 1889, offering everything that the Greek cuisine is famous of.

The city’s taverns and restaurants offer old recipes from Constantinople, buy also traditional plates like the musakas (a pie of minced meat potatoes and eggplants), the roast lamb, and the famous greek souvlaki. Vegetarians have their slice of paradise as well since the Greek cuisine includes many salads and the delicious Greek pies.

If you love seafood you should definitely consider visiting the Kalamaria (Aretsou) area and discover some of the best historic taverns of the city! You’ll have the chance to taste some delicious fish recipes by the sea.

Don’t forget to visit Athonos Plaza for its taverns next to Aristotelous Square, the all popular Ladadika, the arcades of Venizelou St. and Bit Bazaar (especially if you love tsipouro and retsina along with delicious small plates of mezedes).

In recent years many small elegant restaurants are founded all around the city preparing modern culinary experiences that combine traditional recipes with other modern elements.

Also visitors from other countries can find their spots of international cuisine. Italian, French, Indian, Syrian, Russian, Armenian, Lebanese, Mexican, Muslim, Chinese and other small restaurants are established for many years in the city, offering lovely international dishes for every taste.

Search for your perfect spot and you will not be disappointed.

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